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Mobility and transport

Demand for transport continues to rise as our economies and societies become more integrated. This is creating new innovation and investment opportunities but also new challenges for the sector. The EU promotes mobility that is efficient, safe, secure and environmentally friendly, serving the needs of citizens and business.

To ensure that unnecessary costs are removed and rules are as effective and efficient as possible, since 2015 under REFIT, 30 initiatives have been adopted and 4 are pending adoption. Moreover, 27 evaluations have been finalised and 1 is ongoing.

Initiatives in the area of transport

1. Combined transport
2. Promotion of clean and energy-efficient road transport vehicles
3. Revision of the Eurovignette Directive
4. European electronic toll service
5. Recording equipment in road transport
6. Market access rules in road freight transport
7. Training and certification of seafarers
8. Passenger ship safety
9. Road infrastructure and tunnel safety
10. Port reception facilities
11. Training, qualification, licensing in road transport
12. Bus and coach transport
13. Enhancement of the social legislation in road transport
14. Use of hired goods vehicles
15. Maritime acquis
16. European Maritime Single Window environment
17. Connecting Europe Facility 2021-2027
18. Fishing Vessel Safety - Directive 97/70/EC
19. Harmonised river information systems evaluation of directive 2005-44
20. Rail Rail Freight Corridor - evaluation of regulation 913-2010
21. Driving licences - evaluation of directive 2006-126-EC
22. Cross-border enforcement of traffic rules
23. Multimodal Digital Mobility Services
24. Train drivers' certification
25. Computerised reservation systems
26. Revision of passenger rights
27. Alternative fuels infrastructure
28. Trans-European transport network
29. Airport Charges Directive
30. Revision of the Air Services Regulation