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Justice, consumers and gender equality

EU policy in the areas of justice and consumers ensures and promotes respect of rule of law and fundamental rights, including specific rights such as data protection, freedom of expression, gender equality, consumer protection and the rights of the child.

To ensure that unnecessary costs are removed and rules are as effective and efficient as possible, since 2015 under REFIT, 20 initiatives have been adopted and 3 are pending adoption. Moreover, 13 evaluations have been finalised and 2 are ongoing.

Initiatives in the area of justice, consumers and gender equality

1. Jurisdiction, recognition and enforcement of judgements in matrimonial and parental responsibility matters (Brussels IIa Regulation)
2. Personal data protection
3. Package travel
4. Small claims
5. A New Deal for Consumers
6. Consumer protection cooperation
7. Consumer product safety
8. Company law (codification)
9. EU Company Law package 
10. Consumers credit Directive
11. Identity and residence documents
12. EU Emergency Travel Document
13. Equal treatment in social security
14. Timeshare, long-term holiday products, resale and exchange contracts
15. Equal pay for women and men
16. Taking of evidence
17. Service of document
18. Distance marketing of financial services
19. Justice Programme
20. Rights and values programme
21. European citizens' initiative
22. Gender-based violence and domestic violence
23. Revision of the victims’ rights acquis
24. Protection of the environment through criminal law