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Migration and home affairs

The EU aims at building an open and safe Europe where the rights and security of EU citizens and non-EU nationals are guaranteed. It includes legal and irregular migration, integration, readmission and return as well as the fight against organised crime and terrorism, police cooperation and management of the EU's external border.

To ensure that unnecessary costs are removed and rules are as effective and efficient as possible, since 2015 under REFIT, 13 initiatives have been adopted and 15 are pending adoption. Moreover, 9 evaluations have been finalised and 1 is ongoing.

Initiatives in the area of migration and home affairs

1. Counter terrorism instruments
2. Marketing and use of explosives precursors
3. Export of firearms
4. European Critical Infrastructures
5. Internal Security Fund
6. Visa Information System (VIS)
7. Schengen Information System in the field of border management, law enforcement and return
8. Schengen borders Code amendment
9. Legal migration
10. Entry and residence in the EU for third-country nationals students, researchers and other groups (recast)
11. Asylum Package
12. Visa Code
13. Obligation of carriers to communicate passenger data (Advance Passenger Information Directive)
14. Asylum and Migration Fund
15. Integrated Border Management Fund – Border Management and Visa Instrument
16. Customs Control Equipment Instrument
17. Long-term permit
18. Single Permit