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The EU is facing a number of challenges including increasing import dependency; high and volatile energy prices; growing global energy demand; security risks affecting producing and transit countries; growing threats of climate change; slow progress in energy efficiency; challenges posed by the increasing share of renewables; the need for increased transparency, further integration and interconnection in energy markets. The EU energy policy therefore has a wide range of measures in place aiming to achieve an integrated energy market, security of energy supply and a sustainable energy sector.

To ensure that unnecessary costs are removed and rules are as effective and efficient as possible, since 2015 under REFIT, 4 initiatives have been adopted and 1 initiatives is pending adoption. Moreover, 4 evaluations have been finalised.

Initiatives in the area of energy

1. Renewable Energy
2. Energy performance of buildings
3. Safety standards for radiation protection
4. Energy Union governance – planning and reporting obligations
5. Trans-European Energy Networks Regulation