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Review of the Code of Best Practice in State aid

Overall state of play:

Commission Notice: adopted on 16 July 2018 (OJ C 253, 19.7.2018, p. 14-27)

State of play, main conclusions, outlook

The Code of Best Practice in State aid procedures gives guidance on how the Commission, Member States and other stakeholders can work together, in particular for complex cases with a higher risk of distorting competition, complaints by interested parties, and the monitoring of support measures by the Commission.

The adoption of the revised Best Practices Code is the last piece of the State aid modernisation initiative, a reform that allows Member States to quickly implement State aid that fosters investment, economic growth and job creation. This should allow the Commission to focus its State aid control on the cases most liable to distort competition in the internal market.

The review of the Code of Best Practice in State aid procedures was combined with the review of the Notice on a Simplified Procedure, bringing together two guidance documents into one streamlined document.

Estimated savings and benefits

The revised Best Practices Code provides guidance for Member States, beneficiaries and other interested parties on the typical day-to-day conduct of State aid procedures. The objective is to make State aid proceedings as transparent, simple, clear, predictable and timely as possible. To this end, the revised Best Practices Code went further than the previous Code in detailing certain voluntary arrangements between the Commission and the Member States.

Since a significant part of the measures covered by the Simplified Procedure Notice are now exempted from State aid notification and the use of that procedure is thus very limited, the Simplified Procedure Notice was be integrated into the present Best Practices Code.