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Social media

Social media


The Publications Office uses social media integrations to provide ease of access to its users and help them spread and popularise content and to increase user engagement by sharing information from its social media outlets.

Main use cases:

  • authentication (login),
  • social media sharing,
  • embedding videos (YouTube) and news streams (Twitter) on pages.


Used to improve the user experience by allowing the user to log in with a social media account and access specific user areas on the Publications Office Portal.

Image of login screen

Image of login screen.

Social media sharing

Available on all pages via the ‘Share’ button. The Publications Office Portal uses the corporate Webtools Social Bookmarks widget, which is cookie-free. More information on the ‘Share’ button wizard can be found here: or you can read this documentation (EU Login required).

Image of social media sharing on the Publications Office website

Image of social media sharing on the Publications Office website.

Embedding content from third-party networks

Embedding videos and live content feeds from third parties such as YouTube and Twitter will create third-party cookies. For that reason, all Publications Office websites should handle this type of content embedding using the Cookie Consent Kit, which asks your visitor to consent to cookies.

Image of Twitter feed

Image of Twitter feed.

For more information on embedding third-party content, please visit (EU Login required)