User behaviour on websites through web analytics indicators - Publications Office Web Guide
User behaviour on websites through web analytics indicators

User behaviour on websites through web analytics indicators


Unit OP.C.1 is responsible for:

  • running the Publications Office corporate web analytics platform;
  • providing technical and advisory support to the business units using the service;
  • guaranteeing the quality of the web analytics data coming directly from the Publications Office’s monitored websites;
  • harmonising the web analytics indicators across the different websites;
  • promoting and facilitating the use of the web analytics data in the decision-making process.

The Publications Office corporate web analytics platform allows continuous monitoring of all user actions on the Publications Office websites. The platform captures data sent by these websites and records predefined or custom-defined indicators based on the user action details, but also their context. Web analytics indicators are available to Publications Office managers through generic or specific reports.

Sessions, page views and downloads are the basic indicators which are captured for all Publications Office websites.

The web analytics data is also used to feed internal reports for managers (monthly reporting, ad hoc reports), public reports (AMR, AAR), data visualisation tools open to EU institutions, agencies and services (EU Publications Analytics dashboard) and specific support tools for business (EUR-Lex search web analytics, etc.).

Publications Office web analytics platform

The Piwik PRO Analytics Suite is the Publications Office corporate web analytics platform. It is the sole web analytics platform authorised to monitor user actions on Publications Office websites.

All the Publications Office websites share a common basic configuration of the platform. The data collected and its further analysis can be used to analyse one site or can be combined for multisite analysis. The platform thus offers the possibility to analyse specific indicators and metrics across different sites in a harmonised way.

The platform ensures that the monitoring of user activities on Publications Office sites is compliant with security and privacy rules. It includes advanced segmentation features and the possibility to remotely deploy, modify and manage tags across all Publications Office sites.

The platform offers the standard market web analytics reports, allowing the user to configure, segment and produce customised reports analysing specific functionalities, navigation paths, funnels and goals.

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