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About the webguide - Publications Office Web Guide
About the web guide

About the web guide

First impressions are important.
And in the online world, it’s no different.

Thousands of users, mainly from outside EU institutions, visit the Publications Office of the European Union website every day. Making sure that first-time and returning visitors have a pleasant experience is essential to our mission in disseminating EU legal and general publications. All users – including those with visual, auditory, cognitive or physical impairments – must be able to access the information they are looking for as quickly and painlessly as possible.

To this end, the Publications Office Web Guide provides solid guidelines to ensure a consistent and intuitive user experience throughout all Publications Office websites and web applications. This guide is now built on the foundations of the new Publications Office portal layout approved by senior management in October 2019. Collaborations with services such as EUR-Lex and Tenders Electronic Daily (TED) are already under way, and other Publications Office websites will soon follow in order to align all websites and applications as much as possible and to develop this guide as the reference for their creation.

Our primary goal is to make our websites and web applications accessible, visually coherent and as simple as possible to use.

Apart from responding to the needs of our visitors, this guide also helps reduce design and development time by providing reusable component libraries to stakeholders involved in the creation or maintenance of our websites and applications.

This web guide is geared towards professionals in user experience, design and development and editorial and web content management professionals.

Please note that this web guide will constantly evolve to incorporate new features to respond to users’ needs and business requirements. We recommend checking for updates periodically.