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Introduction to the web guide - Publications Office Web Guide


This web guide is designed to walk you through the different aspects you should consider when working with a Publications Office (OP) website or application.


As an EU interinstitutional office, we strive to make our digital content more accessible to people with disabilities. This document explains the methods we apply and provides links to additional resources with more in-depth information.

Unified visual identity

A professional visual appearance is important as it is the first impression we give visitors. However, just as important is the consistent and proper use of colours, fonts, dialogue boxes and other elements so that users always know what to expect.

Consistent functionality

Consistent functionality is a fundamental part of providing a positive user experience. This allows visitors to familiarise themselves quickly with how our websites and applications function, regardless of what OP service they are using.

Component libraries

As mentioned in the executive summary, component libraries are available to facilitate the creation of new pages and sections in an OP website or application. These include elements such as accordions, navigation bars, menus, sidebar links, breadcrumbs, sliders, form elements and much more.

Responsive design

If everything mentioned above is perfect, but the design is rigid and only fits on a large screen, then the design no good. All content and functionality must be agile and able to adapt to different screen sizes and devices.


This document is designed to provide you with guidelines to collaborate with us on websites and applications, but we also recommend you use our digital component library.

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