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Embed YouTube videos

Last updated: 17/3/2023



Easily embed YouTube videos with a wide variety of options.

Key features:

  • Privacy-enhanced mode included
  • Default full-width where the video is placed
  • Max-width settings
  • Image overlay
  • Hiding site/page name and breadcrumbs
  • Responsive (adapts to mobile, tablet and large screens)
  • Accessible





To limit the width of the video enter max-width in px, %, rem, etc. in the template settings.

Default full-width

Default full width

Full width is the default setting. Additionally, you may hide site/page name and breadcrumbs when used at the top of the page just like with the component Full-width top banner.

Overlay image

Overlay image

Place an overlay with the image of your choice.

The recommended image overlay size is 1280x720 for videos that do not exceed 1280 pixels wide, and 854x480 for videos that do not exceed 854 pixels wide.

How to implement