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Other reuse web tools

Other reuse web tools


Web tools such as the following allow you to access, implement and share specific data provided by the Publications Office.

  1. Permanent links and short URL services.
    Permanent links are saved publication links enabling users to bookmark or share a publication. Short URL services help you create a shorter URL for the document detail page.
  2. Notifications.
    Tools to keep users notified via email about new publications or updates. Notifications can also be customised to match the searches saved by users.
  3. RSS.
    Enables users to subscribe to specific research and provides updates on the latest documents with RSS reader. RSS feeds have no file size limits.
  4. Search API.
    Based on the Elasticsearch search engine, this enables users to search through large volumes of data quickly to return the most relevant results. This API is only available for the OP Portal, upon request and following Publications Office approval.
  5. Linked data.
    Enables connections between data from different sources resulting in innovative structures and applications.
  6. SPARQL.
    Based on RDF Query language, the SPARQL Query editor is a tool for advanced searches that uses a central database to aggregate data in a semantic way.


For each website you build, please consider providing the relevant reuse tools:

  • automatic notifications for content that might change or new publications matching your preferences – e.g. publications, data sets, events agenda;
  • RSS feeds allowing subscription to a specific content;
  • widgets to allow reuse of important parts of content by other applications.