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Monitor and measure

Monitor and measure

Last updated: 17/05/2022

The Publications Office always strives to improve user journeys to site content and to inspire trust based on EU values (unity, diversity, inclusiveness, transparency and engagement). Guided by the official rulebook for the European Commission’s web presence(external link, opens in a new window) , we both monitor and measure our web presence to ensure that the decisions and actions taken to improve it are based on evidence.

It is part of the Publications Office’s mission to maximise and continuously improve the access and reuse, the reach and the findability of the publications. Our organisation is also mandated by its stakeholders to continuously monitor and measure feedback on publications and the entire content the Publications Office manages.

Monitoring means continuous observation, whereas measuring means gathering actual feedback or evaluating value. Combined, the data from these methods provide a fuller picture of user interaction with the web services of the Publications Office.

The Publications Office collects information in the following ways:

  • measuring user satisfaction through indicators and surveys;
  • monitoring and measuring user behaviour on websites through web analytics indicators via the Publications Office web analytics platform;
  • measuring publication and legal documents consumption through the self-serviced dashboards EU Publications Analytics and (for EU staff) EU Legal Documents Analytics(external link, opens in a new window)