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Permanent links

Permanent links are saved publications links that enable users to bookmark a publication and go back to it later or share it by clicking on the permanent link function on the top right of the search result or publication detail page. Each general publication has a permanent link and automatic redirections based on publications identifiers.


How does this service work?

The identifier code can be one of the following: catalogue number (s), ISBN and DOI.


Using a catalogue number, ISBN or DOI will all bring you to the publication
- "Digital footprint in a mobile environment".

Using a catalogue number

Using an ISBN

Using a DOI


As for EU law publications, you can also use the CELEX redirection :

Using a CELEX


Permanent link

permanent link where to find preview


Short URL

The Short URL service helps you create a shorter URL for the document detail page. Thus, the URL won't be trimmed by other applications, preventing broken links.


How does this service work?

The service is defined in portal2012-data module and it persists in the database URL's with an id. To make it easier for portlets to create short URL's, a helper class is available (named "ShortUrlHelper") in portal2012-portlet module. The method createShortUrl(String url) found in this class persists the url and returns a case sensitive string id, representing a long value encoded in base 62.

TThe redirection to the real URL is made in a filter implemented in portal2012-hook module. The filter is mapped on "/s/*" patterns, matching every URL that starts with "/s/". After this string, the short URL identifier is found.

In the processFilter method, the real URL is searched in the service, based on the decoded short URL id, then the user is redirected to the requested document detail page.