Publications Office Web Guide - Publications Office Web Guide



The Publications Office Web Guide is the official reference for the Publications Office's web presence, covering accessibility, visual, technical and legal specifications.

About the web guide

Overview, alignment with the Europa Web Guide, sitemap, version log.

Important strategic principles

Accessibility, standardised layout, responsive design.

Fields of application

Accessibility, design, components, responsive design, checkout process.


Optimisation, accessibility, copyright and other resources.

Social media

Authentication, sharing, embedding videos and news streams.

Develop and build

Search engine optimisation guidelines.

Privacy, security and legal notices

Cookie overview and consent policy.

Monitor and measure

Indicators, surveys, user behaviour, web analytics, dashboards.


Archiving: overview, tools, what can be archived.

Define and Plan

Uniform resource locators (URLs), uniform resource identifiers (URIs).


Identifiers, widgets for publications, other reuse web tools.


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