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Application profiles 

An application profile (AP), as yet another group of assets within the ‘models’ category, describes how a standard is to be applied in a particular domain or application.

Standards typically do not contain constraints such as cardinality; these constraints are defined in the application profile. An application profile only applies to the specified domain. For instance: The DCAT-AP is an application profile that specifies how the DCAT standard is to be used in the context of European data portals. An application profile must be accompanied with explanatory documentation.

The application profiles provided here define a set of integrity constraints used to check the physical and logical correctness and rationality of given datasets. Our current focus has been on developing validation constraints for RDF data, expressed as data shapes in SHACL (Shapes Constraint Language – 2017-07-20 W3C Recommendation). To execute these shape files use our wrapper available on GitHub. This wrapper uses TopQuadrant’s implementation of SHACL API.


Available application profiles:

DCAT Application profile for data portals in Europe (DCAT-AP)

DCAT Application Profile for EU Open Data Portal (DCAT-AP-OP) (Documentation)

SKOS-XL shape definition (Documentation)

General EuVoc shape definition (Documentation)

EuVoc Versioning shape definition (Documentation)

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