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OP Widgets - Search form

Search form

This widget allows users to add a form which can search and find EU publications or other OP collections on a website directly on their page. In the widget below, we have customized the search term as "European Green Deal" and that the search will be done in "EU Publications" collection, but you can leave also these fields empty or customize also other fields - however you wish the search to happen.


Copy the Widget Code to test it on your website

<script type='text/javascript' src='//op.europa.eu/o/opportal-widgets/js/widget/widgetload.js'></script>
<script type='application/json'>

How to create this widget

This widget can be created only from your user profile, you need to be logged in to the Publications Office portal before beginning

  1.  Login to your user profile and select the Search form widget. Then follow the steps to customize the widget.


EC Template

What is it

The EC Template allows you to have a corporate compliant looking widget with one single click. Using templates offers a multitude of advantages that streamline tasks and enhance outcomes. With the ready-made templates that follow the Europa Component Library, you can effortlessly maintain consistency and save valuable time.

How it looks