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Notification and RSS


To be informed of a particular subject, it is possible to be notified when a new document is published or a modification is made in a publication of which we receive a notification.
This, on the basis of this same research.


On document/detail page

Support straight forward and conditional GET queries from RSS clients using the rss_2.0 protocol standard.


How does this service work

Whenever an RSS request is received, its parameters are interpreted in order to get the corresponding SavedQuery details from the User Profiling database. When you execute that query, the results are generated as an rss_2.0 feed to the RSS client.


By RSS feeds
RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication" and it's just a stream of data. If you click this icon, you'll be subscribing of a specific research using the RSS reader

By email
With email subscription you will receive notifications via email. It offers a valuable service to readers who don’t want to miss a special publication. When a content of a publication is updated or a new publication of your research is published, it is pushed directly to you.


What is the difference
The main difference is that RSS feeds go to your RSS reader, while email subscriptions go to your inbox. RSS feeds have no file size limits. Email is a bit more limited.


You can find your RSS feeds searches in your profile:
If you go to your profile, you can find your saved feeds in the section "My RSS feeds". You can delete it whenever you want.