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Selected publications widget

The selected publications widget displays a list of preselected publications or legal documents. The preview order and the content of your preselected list can be modified at any time with a few simple clicks. Supporting all 24 official languages of the EU, this widget is both user-friendly and cost-free.


The widget below was created based on a predefined list containing only the Erasmus + Annual reports. The selected publications widget enables you to display a strictly defined list of documents. When building the widget, you can modify the look-and-feel easily with our ready made templates or custom CSS code.

Selected publications widget out of the box

Out of the box styling

Copy the Widget Code to test it on your website

<script type='text/javascript' src='//'></script>
<script type='application/json'>
How to create - Selected publications

How to create this widget

You need to be logged in to the Publications Office portal before beginning

  1. From your user profile: Login to your user profile and select the Selected publications widget. Then follow the steps to customize the widget.

    Note that there are two ways to add publications to this widget. The first is to create and save a list of publications in your profile. The second is via the "Add URL" button in the widget creator, URLs should be a property of the Publications Office portal. Example:

    Modify the content of the preselected publications and legal documnts lists at any time "My lists" in the dropdown selection.

Selected publications widget EC styling

EC Template

What is it

The EC Template allows you to have a corporate compliant looking widget with one single click. Using templates offers a multitude of advantages that streamline tasks and enhance outcomes. With the ready-made templates that follow the Europa Component Library, you can effortlessly maintain consistency and save valuable time.

How it looks

How to apply this template

In the widget editor you can find the presaved template available in the upper right corner. It is applied in one click and you can keep further modifying your widget without loosing the styling.