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Collaboration and Cooperation

  • Collaboration / cooperation

    How do you make members collaborate and/or cooperate to enrich the common practice and produce knowledge assets/qualitative deliverables?

  • Coordination

    How do you coordinate members' work towards delivering on the objectives agreed?

  • Co-creation

    What content needs to be curated/synthesised/co-created and what methods will you use to succeed in this?

Our research shows that the more a community creates something concrete together, the more engaged it is. This co-creation of a tangible community asset/ qualitative deliverable requires effective coordination of different cooperation and collaboration processes. Engaging your community in delivering a concrete outcome implies carrying out effective collaboration, cooperation, coordination and co-creation practices and activities.

Collaboration is working together to create something new, a shared outcome, in support of a shared vision, shared goals or a shared purpose. The glue is the shared vision.

Cooperation happens when members and other stakeholders strategically choose to work separately on different aspects of one issue and share knowledge so that each party can accomplish their part in support of a shared outcome. Cooperation is important in networks where individuals exchange relevant knowledge in support of each other’s goals, rather than a shared goal. Something new may be achieved as a result, but arises from the individual, not collective effort.

You will learn:

  1. how to combine and apply methods of co-creation and coordination strategically
  2. ow to design a cooperation and collaboration roadmap for your community
  3. how to enrich the common practice and deliver on your community’s objectives by applying collaboration processes and methods