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This Playbook could not have come to life without the input of all the community managers in the European Commission who took the time and energy to talk to us to share their successes and hurdles, and who inspired our analysis and the Playbook’s hands-on nature.

We managed to finalise most of the research interviews with people before Covid-19, and the pandemic times urged us into an intensive co-creation mode to model the way communities work and thus the Playbook’s guidance. We thank all those technical enablers such as video-conferencing and virtual board creators as well as human supporters from copy editing, proofreading to layout and print.

Finally, this work would not have been possible without our sponsors, Marc Wilikens, who supported and believed in the value of this research all along the last four years, and Catherine Simoneau, who constantly challenged us to go the extra mile for striking simplicity in the world of complexity where communities dwell.


Coralia CATANA

is a change and knowledge management senior consultant, and a long-standing communication and collaboration practitioner. With a passionate focus on people and their collaborative intelligence, the guidance in the Playbook has captured much of her rich practice in enabling change, collaborative ways of working and community building in the European Commission.


is a communication professional and community manager of a cross-European Commission collaborative platform. Her background from working in social media, online and offline communication and journalism brought insights on both communication processes and community dynamics to the Playbook.

Susanne SZKOLA

is a political psychologist and community manager of a cross-European Commission online collaborative platform. Her critical inquiry skills have fed into the Playbook from its methodological conception to making it a communitydriven and research-informed publication.


is a design and visual thinker working on the adoption of new ways of working and implementation of new habits, rituals and tools in organisations for 20 years. His appreciative inquiry skills and mindset, and his visual strategic modelling approach have been paramount in the creation of this Playbook.