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Cellar booklet

A booklet is available to help user querying Cellar.

Cellar end-user manual

An end-user manual is available for more technical users. 


Cellar code

You can download the Cellar code.

Cellar training material

You can download the postman query collection of the Cellar training and the instructions.

You can download the slides of the Cellar training (soon).

Research papers

Some research papers have also been published in the context of Cellar.

  • Francesconi, Enrico. (2018). On the Future of Legal Publishing Services in the Semantic Web. Future Internet. 10. 48. 10.3390/fi10060048. 
  • Schmitz, P., Francesconi, E., Batouche, B., Landercy, S.P., Touly, V. (2017). Ontological Models of Legal Contents and Users’ Activities for EU e-Participation Services. In: Kő, A., Francesconi, E. (eds) Electronic Government and the Information Systems Perspective. EGOVIS 2017. Lecture Notes in Computer Science(), vol 10441. Springer, Cham.

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