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Showcase showcase

The showcase is a small sub-site whose main aim was to highlight and test new, innovative ways of presenting EU legal information, on the basis of five specially pre-selected legislative acts. The feedback received from users has helped to define improvements of the tools that are used for online dissemination of EU legislative acts and the related documents.

The showcase offered the possibility to view the complete legislative lifecycle of the five pre-selected acts in four different ways: chronologically, by procedure, by author and by document type. Additionally, it allowed viewing either the whole range of available documents (Expert view) or just the most important ones (Simple view). The documents were made available in all the linguistic versions in which they had been created and most came with a number of interesting features such as information about the document, lists of related documents, possibility to extract and share bibliographical information about the document, and many others.

Click here to access the showcase environment.

Important: The last content update was performed in January 2016.