Enriching EUR-Lex - Public Access

Enriching EUR-Lex

Enriching EUR-Lex with new categories of documents

This strand of the PilotAccess.eu pilot project has been implemented in order to ensure more comprehensive documentary coverage of the EU legislative process on EUR-Lex, by enriching it with new categories of documents.

EUR-Lex already provided access to a number of collections of EU law documents, allowing users to follow some legislative procedures from the very first proposal by the European Commission to the adopted act published in the Official Journal of the EU. However, it contained limited information on how these very first proposals are made, and it is this gap that the PublicAccess.eu project helps to bridge now.

As a result of the project, EUR-Lex has been enriched with new categories of documents related to the internal decision-making process within the European Commission which lead to the adoption of - on the one hand - Commission legislative proposal and - on the other hand - delegated, implementing and 'old' comitology acts. These documents are displayed in a new 'Internal Procedure' view and are linked to the different steps of the internal preparatory part of the decision-making.

With regard to legislative proposals, the new document types include roadmaps, inception impact assessments, evaluation and fitness checks, opinions of the Regulatory Scrutiny Board and other staff working documents.

In addition to the above, for delegated/implementing/'old' comitology acts, the drafts of these acts, as well as impact assessments and summaries of the impact assessment have been added.

After the formal closing of the pilot project, the Publications Office will not stop working in this direction and in close cooperation with EU Institutions will continue enlarging the scope of available legal documents and information.