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Information Seminar for EU Institutions and Agencies - Information Seminar for EU Institutions and Agencies
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Information Sessions for EU Institutions and Agencies
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New media on your side:
reach your audience in the most effective way


General introduction by Hilde Hardeman, Director-General of the Publications Office of the EU


News from the Publications Office

Nikolaos Petalas
10:00 - 11:15

Introduction to multimedia products

Pál Jancsók

Deliver your message with a combination of several media elements, e.g. text, image, audio, video, animation, etc. The Publications Office produces videos, e-learnings, mobile applications, HTML products, virtual reality and more.

Example: Training on accessible publishing (Publications Office)

New multimedia services and products

Stanislava Grigorova / Maria Jerez

Our audiobooks are done with professional actors and enhanced with sound effects to provide better audio experience.
Example: EU Pioneers (DG COMM)

Podcasts are mostly dialogues or expert talks moderated by a host who creates the editorial line of the series.
Example: Stats in a wrap (Eurostat)

3D technologies create an immersive experience. These technologies can help you explain information and processes and enhance learning by allowing users to interact with the virtual environment.
Example: VIROS (Eurostat)

11:15 - 11:30


11:30 - 12:20

HTML and data rich publications

George Alex Stelea / Pál Jancsók

Infographics and interactive visualisations of data and information can facilitate the understanding of complex data.
Example: Education and training monitor 2021 (DG EAC)

Be it an annual report or a game targeting children and youngsters, interactive HTML publications will help you communicate your content effectively.
Examples: Annual report (Court of Justice), The community of practice playbook (JRC)

Going mobile

Veno Bojanovsky

Mobile apps allow users to execute tasks and get information in a convenient and easy way on the go. We can take care of the development and publishing of your mobile applications. The Publications Office manages around 50 mobile applications in the European Union account on the major app stores.
Example: Passenger rights, DG MOVE

How do we work together?

Camelia Chirniciuc

The multimedia team will explain how we go about multimedia projects in general:
How you start the process, what information and input we require from you, and what is the OP’s role in the project execution


Q&A session and conclusion