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Accessible publications for an inclusive digital society  

In a situation where over 90 million citizens of the European Union (EU) are affected by disabilities, article 9 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (opens in a new tab) is more relevant than ever. It obliges the EU and its Member States to take appropriate measures to ensure access for persons with disabilities, on an equal basis with others, to information and communication technologies, amongst other things. With the implementation of the Directive on the accessibility of public sector bodies’ websites and mobile applications, (opens in a new tab) as well as with the recent adoption of the European Accessibility Act (opens in a new tab), the EU has taken important steps towards building an inclusive digital society.

The Publications Office of the European Union, as the publishing service provider of the EU institutions, has an important role in promoting accessible digital publishing and in ensuring that EU publications are accessible. In this site you will find the most essential information on this subject in an easy-to-digest way: introductory videos complemented by a series of video tutorials, documents and external links grouped by subject. The tutorials include captions, full transcripts and other pertinent information.

The accessibility team of the Publications Office also offers training on accessible publishing to colleagues in the EU institutions. You can check our courses on the EU Learn platform (opens in a new tab).

For consultancy services, customised training or question related to accessible publishing, please contact us at (opens in a new tab).