The Future of Publishing Conference

Luxembourg, 24 October 2018

The Publications Office of the European Union is organising The Future of Publishing conference at the Neumunster Abbey, city of Luxembourg. The event will bring together more than 60 European institutions' leaders, policymakers, technology experts and notable professionals to present and discuss the latest developments, trends and directions of technology in the fields of information management and publishing.

The aim is for the Publications Office is to look into emerging trends that will facilitate the implementation of its strategic objectives 2017-2025 but also to proactively start shaping the way beyond. The event is also intended to help leaders from the European institutions to:

  • get essential insights on what challenges and opportunities the future is bringing in these fields;
  • evaluate how their work in informing the citizens of the European Union will be impacted; 
  • be prepared to use the developments proactively to the best interest of the citizens;

Topics will cover:

  • web standards
  • legal information
  • open data
  • artificial intelligence and augmented reality
  • provenance
  • audience trends
  • data visualization


More information: