Workshop on Semantic interoperability for the multilingual web

The Publications Office of the European Union is pleased to invite you to a two days' workshop on "Semantic interoperability for the multilingual web".
In line with its strategic objectives that include linking and increased interoperability of the information made available through its portals, as well as in its role as central point of access and reuse of EU information, the Publications Office is leading two actions in the domain of semantic interoperability that are funded by the ISA² programme of the European Commission:
  • Public Multilingual Knowledge Management Infrastructure for the digital single market (PMKI), aiming to create a platform for sharing and aligning of multilingual terminologies that are made available by different contributors to support public organisations, academics and businesses, in particular the language technology industry, with the implementation of the multilingual solutions that are needed to overcome language barriers within the European Union and to increase interoperability in general (
  • VocBench, a multilingual platform for collaborative thesaurus management including the support of OWL ontologies, SKOS (XL) thesauri, generic RDF datasets, as well as Ontolex/LEMON resources (
In the workshop, we would like to present the current status of these actions, to check their compliance with the state of the art in semantic interoperability and to discuss the way forward.
Day 1 will focus on:
  • The PMKI project;
  • The latest evolutions of VocBench (version 3) that have been developed to support the implementation of PMKI;
  • The exchange of best practices for the representation of lexical and semantic resources as well as semantic alignment.
Day 2 will focus on:
  • Vocabulary management at the Publication Office;
  • The exchange of experiences regarding VocBench;
  • Our ideas about the future model for EuroVoc (EuroVoc 5).
Depending on your interest and your availability the workshop could be prolonged to discuss current and future features of VocBench.