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Issue 108

July-August 2022

ISSN 2315-0017

Spotlight on European tourism

Europe is the world’s leading tourist destination. The tourism industry is a vital part of the EU’s economy as it accounts for approximately 10 % of its gross domestic product and for millions of jobs. It also makes a significant contribution towards the socioeconomic development of European regions and towards European integration.

The outbreak of COVID 19 hit the tourism sector particularly hard, highlighting the need for a priority transition pathway for tourism within the framework of the updated EU industrial strategy. A transition pathway is a plan, initiated by the European Commission and co-created with stakeholders, to accelerate the twin transitions to a green and digital economy and to boost the EU’s global competitiveness and open strategic autonomy. Tourism was the first industrial sector to have its own transition pathway, which was published in February 2022.

In 2021, tourist numbers started to recover, with a 27 % rise in nights spent at tourist accommodation in the EU nights spent at tourist accommodation in the EU in comparison to 2020 – but still down by 37 % compared with 2019. This year, with the holiday season in full swing, strong growth has continued, causing a new type of problem: operational bottlenecks in a sector that has still not recovered its pre-pandemic capacity. The EU has put measures in place to protect tourists and passengers during the pandemic and beyond.

The summer edition of our newsletter brings you a selection of EU publications relating to European tourism, along with ones on other interesting topics, from supercomputing and foreign policy to restoring nature. We wish you a nice summer!

Transition Pathway for Tourism PDF

As tourism was the sector hardest hit by the pandemic and faces major challenges to achieve the twin green and digital transitions, it was the first one to have its own transition pathway. The transition pathway for tourism identifies 27 areas of action for the green and digital transitions and for improving the resilience of EU tourism.

Available in all official languages of the EU except Irish and Maltese

Passenger Rights APP

Travel problems? As an air, rail, ship or bus passenger, you have rights when travelling in the EU. If you are ever stranded at a European airport or have your luggage lost by an airline, you can now use this recently updated popular mobile app to check your rights on the spot.

Available in all official languages of the EU except Irish

Relaunching transport and tourism in the EU after COVID 19 PDF

Part IV: Tourism sector

This thematic briefing provides an overview of the repercussions of the COVID 19 pandemic on the tourism sector, of the emerging trends and of policy recommendations to address the resulting challenges.

Available in English

More on this topic

Study on mastering data for tourism by EU destinations PDF

This report aims at contributing to the knowledge base for European destinations wanting to become smarter in their development and management of tourism. It focuses on how destinations are making use of data for tourism nowadays and examines the resulting benefits, challenges, good practices, trends and cases of cooperation. In addition, it proposes a set of recommendations for future action.

Available in English

EU Support to Tourism PDF/HTML

Need for a fresh strategic orientation and a better funding approach

This special report by the European Court of Auditors offers an assessment of the tourism sector and the relevant EU targets, policies and tools, and concludes with recommendations.

Available in all official languages of the EU except Irish

Attitudes of Europeans towards Tourism PDF


This report presents the findings of a Eurobarometer survey that took place in late 2021 and examines the behaviour of Europeans as tourists. In particular, it examines topics such as preferred booking channels, accommodation preferences and preparedness to change habits for sustainability. What makes the report particularly interesting is that it examines how these behaviours and attitudes were affected by the COVID 19 pandemic.

Available in English.

Languages Take You Further Audiobook

Languages are fun! Understanding and speaking foreign languages makes our life easier when we travel abroad and meet people from different countries. Languages open doors to new friendships, new cultures and new opportunities. This audiobook, which is a sibling to the popular booklet of the same name, offers you a practical taste of each of the 24 official EU languages, while helping you to become familiar with native speakers’ accents.

Multilingual publication in all official languages of the EU

Research and innovation

Leading the Way in European Supercomputing PDF

A projects info pack by CORDIS

High-performance computing services offered by supercomputers are critical for discovering new drugs, speeding up the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, anticipating severe weather conditions, increasing cybersecurity and developing more sustainable products. The European High-Performance Computing Joint Undertaking pools together the resources of the European Union, 31 European countries and three private partners with the ambition of making Europe a world leader in supercomputing. In this specially commissioned project info pack, you’ll discover nine selected projects set up by the joint undertaking that are promoting green computing and contributing to the technological and digital autonomy and leadership of Europe.

Available in Bulgarian, Czech, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Slovenian

Also out recently

2022 Report on Gender Equality in the EU PDF

This annual report focuses on key initiatives and achievements in the area of gender equality by EU institutions and Member States. It showcases some inspiring practices and innovative projects and presents key trends and the newest available data.

Available in English

Restoring Nature PDF

For the benefit of people, nature and the climate

In 2020, the EU adopted a new biodiversity strategy for 2030, setting out a comprehensive package of commitments and measures to put Europe’s biodiversity back on the path to recovery by 2030. This brochure illustrates how this can be achieved. It further shows that restoration is not just theoretically feasible but is already happening across our continent.

Available in English

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2021/2022 EIB Global Report PDF

The story

The world is beset by crises that are reshaping societies, economies, healthcare systems, transport and workplaces. The greatest challenges, such as COVID 19, climate change, poverty and inequality, will require larger investments and more partnerships as this decade progresses. This publication demonstrates, through more than a dozen stories, how we can meet such challenges.

Available in English

Turkey’s foreign policy and its consequences for the EU PDF

In-depth analysis

This study examines different frameworks of Turkey–EU relations, namely Turkey as a candidate for accession, as a key partner in economy and trade and as a strategic partner. It then focuses on the overall dynamics of Turkey’s foreign policymaking, its relations with historical allies and its approach to theatres of power in its neighbourhood.

Available in English

The European strategy for a better internet for kids (BIK+) PDF

We want Europe to be a great and safe place to live, including online. Therefore, the European Commission has recently launched a new strategy for a better internet for kids (called BIK+). This publication helps to explain this strategy to kids themselves.

Available in English

Our news

Empowering young people on the job market, reducing greenhouse emissions, bringing European cultural heritage closer to citizens – these are some of the ambitions put forward by the teams selected to continue on to the finale of this year’s EU Datathon, the open data competition.
Congratulations to our finalists! Well done to all of the other teams that made it to this point.

Over the next 3 months, the finalists will develop their proposals into fully functioning apps to be presented at the EU Datathon 2022 finale and award ceremony on 20 October 2022, an event that brings together the international open data community from across all sectors. Registration for the audience will open in the second half of August.
To find out more, join or follow along, visit the EU Datathon website. For the latest updates, follow us on Twitter ( @EU_opendata) or follow the hashtag #EUdatathon.

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