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2024 June newsletter

Issue 128

June 2024

ISSN 2315-0017

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Spotlight on the European Health Union

Our health is of immense importance to us all. It determines many aspects of our lives such as our level of wellbeing, our interactions with others, and the things we do every day.

In the EU, while the Member States are responsible for organising their healthcare systems, national measures are complemented by European-wide policies that seek to achieve common objectives. For example, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the EU has been working hard to better prevent, prepare for and respond to such shared challenges by developing a European Health Union.

The actions taken under this initiative cover many areas including crisis preparedness, access to medicines, anti-microbial resistance, mental health and cancer. The EU is also working on developing a European Health Data Space which will facilitate the provision of cross-border healthcare and help research into health matters in the EU among others. The EU’s efforts to build stronger, more resilient and more accessible health systems are being supported by the EU4Health programme – the most ambitious EU funding programme for health investments ever.

Our June newsletter puts the spotlight on the European Health Union. As always, we also recommend publications on a variety of engaging topics, from democracy to linguistic diversity in the European Union.

Enjoy the good reads!

European Health Union PDF

Helping the transition to the new rules on medical devices and in vitro diagnostics

Take a look at a game-changing shift in the healthcare industry! The EU has put rules in place for medical devices and in vitro diagnostics to prioritise public health and patient safety. The goal is to ensure the availability of these essential medical tools and to guarantee access to safe and high-quality medical devices and diagnostics.

Available in English

European health data space PDF

Read about the European Health Data Space, a key pillar of the European Health Union, offering:

  • better control over health data for citizens,
  • better access to patients’ health records for professionals,
  • better access to quality health data for researchers.


Available in English, German and French

A new player in the global health security landscape PDF

Get ready for a new era in European health security: the EU Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Authority (HERA) is on a mission to strengthen Europe's ability to combat pandemics and health threats. With a focus on the coordination, development, and equitable distribution of medical countermeasures, HERA is bringing together EU Member States, industry, and stakeholders to reinforce the EU’s response to global health emergencies.

Available in English

14th EESC Civil Society Prize PDF/Paper

Rewarding excellence in civil society initiatives: mental health

Find out about the innovative and impactful projects that are changing the way European society views mental health. The 14th edition of the European Economic and Social Committee’s Civil Society Prize showcases the vital non-profit initiatives that are fostering good mental wellbeing and supporting individuals with mental health conditions. From preventing psychosocial risks in the workplace to combatting stigma, the winners of this prestigious prize are leading the way in promoting mental health across Europe.

Available in English

Beating cancer inequalities in the EU PDF

Spotlight on cancer prevention and early detection

Cancer is a major public health concern in Europe. To tackle the problem, widespread screening and early diagnosis together with comprehensive prevention policies are needed. Read more about the situation in the EU and what can be done to enhance prevention and early detection.

Available in all official languages of the EU, Icelandic and Norwegian

Key figures on European living conditions PDF/Paper

2023 edition

Are you eager to learn about what life is like in different European countries? This report provides insights into the living conditions in EU Member States and members of the European Free Trade Association, with key data on various aspects of life such as life expectancy and income levels.

Available in English

Also out recently

European democracy passport PDF

As an EU citizen, you have the unique opportunity to influence the rules and policies that impact nearly 450 million people across 27 Member States. This comprehensive guide provides valuable insights and practical advice about active citizenship in the EU.

Available in English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch and Polish

In your language

The European Council and the Council of the European Union PDF

The house of the Member States

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between the European Council and the Council of the European Union? Or why Member States meet in two different institutions with almost the same name in the first place? Find out the answers to these questions and more in this publication!

Available in all official languages of the EU

Research and innovation

CORDIS results pack on frontier research for cancer PDF/Paper/html

This Results Pack highlights nine frontier research projects, funded by the European Research Council, contributing to the discovery of new insights into cancer. These in turn inform prevention strategies, advance our capacity for early detection, and shape the development of effective treatments for those living with the disease.

Available in English

You may also like

Linguistic diversity in the European Union PDF/Paper

Examples of projects supporting regional and minority languages: compilation of projects co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme and Creative Europe

Explore the EU's commitment to linguistic diversity and cultural heritage with a showcase of projects funded under the Erasmus+ and Creative Europe programmes. Discover innovative and creative initiatives that promote language diversity, inspire professional practice, and contribute to the EU's vision of a united, diverse Europe.

Available in English

Our news

We are excited to present the spring 2024 edition of the Key Publications of the European Union catalogue to you! The catalogue offers a diverse selection of titles published in the last few months on the EU publications website, where they remain available for you to view, download or order in various formats. This edition of the catalogue includes titles related to a wide variety of topics such as artificial intelligence, tourism, the EU’s relations with the rest of the world, and more! With a special section dedicated to publications for children, the catalogue caters to all ages. Keen to stay abreast of EU affairs? Then dive into our catalogue today!

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