GeneralConditions - EU publications

General conditions of dissemination and sale April 2023

General conditions of dissemination and sale

These conditions apply to all products (hereafter called "publications") and services (such as "Print on demand") offered via EU publications by the Publications Office of the European Union.


The Publications Office will only accept and process orders you make online.

The steps for placing your order are validated in successive screens. Until the final validation, you can cancel your order at any point.

When you submit an order, please note down the order number on the screen. If you don't receive an electronic confirmation of your order and its details within 24 hours, please contact the helpdesk and quote this number.

If you are a registered user, all your order data are automatically saved under "MyPortal". If you are not registered, we strongly recommend you make your own copy of the order data.

If publications are unavailable or your order cannot be fulfilled for any other reason, you will be notified in a separate e-mail.

We offer one FREE publication per available linguistic version. The maximum number of titles per order is 20. To order more copies please contact the EU info point in your country.

Availability of publications

The Publications in stock are indicated by the blue « Order » button in their detail page.

If stocks should change by the time we receive and process your order, or if a title becomes unavailable suddenly, we will inform you by e-mail if and how you can obtain a copy of the publication using our "Print on demand" service.

If the publications you have ordered and paid for are unavailable, you will be fully refunded within 30 days.


The publications will be delivered to the postal address given at the time of ordering.

The Publications Office cannot be held responsible for unsolicited orders of publications made by a user on behalf of (and/or delivered to) another person (recipient).

Shipments under 5 kg are usually dispatched via standard post within 7 days from the date of ordering.

Shipments from 5 kg are usually dispatched by courier within 10 days from the date of ordering.

The Publications Office cannot be held responsible for possible consequences from any delay in delivery.

Damage or loss in transit

The Publications Office will replace at no extra cost any publication(s) lost or damaged on or before delivery, if you notify us in writing, with appropriate supporting evidence.

For damaged publication(s), please notify us as soon as reasonably possible after receipt.

Returns and reimbursements of priced publications

To return a priced publication, you must e-mail us within 14 calendar days of receipt and return it within 14 calendar days of sending your e-mail. You do not need to give any reason for returning the item, provided that you do so within this deadline.

We will reimburse you the price of the publication by the same means as the payment has been done, no later than 14 calendar days from the day on which you e-mailed us. However, we may withhold reimbursement until we have received the item or until you have supplied evidence of having returned it.  Please note that reimbursement does not apply to shipping fees. The cost of returning the item to us is for your account.

Returned items must be sent to the following address:

Publications Office of the European Union
Print and Distribution (Returned publications)
2, rue Mercier L-2985 Luxembourg

Price policy, payment, VAT and custom duties

All prices, where applicable, are per unit and in euro. They are quoted without duties and value-added tax (VAT). Sales by the Publications Office within the European Union are exempt from VAT under Article 13 of Council Directive 2006/112/EC on the common system of value-added tax.

However, customs duty, VAT and other taxes may be levied on sales and shipping outside the EU. These duties and taxes are to be paid by the customer, who is entirely responsible for both declaration and payment to the responsible authorities in the country concerned

The rates for shipping and printing on demand are given in the section "Shipping fees". They reflect the costs incurred by the Publications Office for providing these services and may be reviewed periodically.

Payment is due at the time of ordering and should be made by Visa, MasterCard or American Express.

The EU publications facility for electronic payment is fully secure. All data transmitted are encrypted, and neither the Publications Office nor any third party has access to them at any time.

Protection of personal data

Please refer to the Publications Office portal's Privacy statement on the protection of personal data.

Disputes and applicable law

Our aim is to settle any disputes amicably in the framework of these general conditions of dissemination and sale. Please send any questions or complaints to the Publications Office.

These general conditions are governed by the law of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Print-on-demand fees

The print-on-demand service is available for selected publications. A print-on-demand copy is a high-quality reproduction of the original publication’s content. It may be of a different quality and presentation than the original paper version in the layout, size, cover or paper used.

The print-on-demand version incurs printing and shipping fees even for free publications. The print-on-demand fee charged is based on the number of pages and could be higher than the cover price of the publication.

Print-on-demand fees (in €)
Number of pages
(up to)
2 0.98
4 1.08
6 1.19
8 1.29
10 1.39
12 1.49
14 1.60
17 1.75
20 1.91
25 2.16
30 2.42
40 2.94
50 3.45
60 3.97
80 5.00
100 6.03
150 8.61
200 11.19
250 13.76
300 16.34
400 21.49
500 26.65
600 31.80
700 36.96
800 42.11
1200 67.73
2000 103.97

Shipping fees

The shipping fees below apply to all postal orders for all publications

Applicable shipping fees (in €)
Weight in kg Base price Supplement per order line
0,025 0,71 € 0,92 €
0,050 1.31 € 0.92 €
0,075 1,90 € 0,92 €
0,099 2,48 € 0,92 €
0,100 0,86 € 0,92 €
0,200 1,60 € 0,92 €
0,300 2,34 € 0,92 €
0,400 3,08 € 0,92 €
0,500 5,00 € 0,92 €
0,600 5,74 € 0,92 €
0,700 6,48 € 0,92 €
0,800 7,23 € 0,92 €
0,900 7,97 € 0,92 €
1,000 8,04 € 0,92 €
1,100 8,69 € 0,92 €
1,200 9,34 € 0,92 €
1,300 9,99 € 0,92 €
1,400 10,64 € 0,92 €
1,500 11,29 € 0,92 €
1,600 11,94 € 0,92 €
1,700 12,59 € 0,92 €
1,800 13,24 € 0,92 €
1,900 13,89 € 0,92 €
2,000 14,54 € 0,92 €
2,500 17,78 € 0,92 €
3,000 21,03 € 0,92 €
3,500 24,28 € 0,92 €
4,000 27,53 € 0,92 €
4,500 30,77 € 0,92 €
4,999 34,01 € 0,92 €