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High dynamism and rapid innovation underpin digital transformation of public administrations. As benefits are well understood and numerous actions already ongoing, it is time to overcome organisational silos by sharing best practices and lessons learned.

The first ENDORSE conference in 2021 marked an important step to surpass these silos and created a unique and much needed type of event on standards, semantics and interoperability. Contributions from researchers featuring emerging data science trends, the United Nations, EU and national public administrations presenting practical use-cases, and the private sector with supporting technical solutions highlighted numerous innovative projects and large-scale activities.

The Publications Office of the European Union and Interoperable Europe supported by Digital Europe Programme brought the second edition of the ENDORSE conference on 14-16 March 2023.

Join ENDORSE to explore the latest trends in multilingual reference data. Let your voice be heard and become part of an active and forward-looking community of international professionals in the field. The conference is bringing together users, practitioners, experts, researchers, solution seekers and providers from the EU institutions and agencies, national public services and universities, as well as in international and intergovernmental organisations and the private sector.

ENDORSE is an online event.