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The Publications Office of the European Union:

  1. Supports the policies and communication activities of the EU institutions and agencies with its services and offers them expertise and synergies in a number of domains.
  2. Ensures, with its modelling and referencing activities, that the diverse information assets coming from EU institutions take the form of findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable (FAIR) information and data.
  3. Makes sure that this vast array of official EU information and data – an essential element in today’s data-driven economy – is made available to the public to support transparency, economic activity, the development of modern technologies, such as artificial intelligence, and access to knowledge in general.
  4. Makes sure that this content is preserved and made accessible for future generations.
  5. Engages with citizens on a regular and increasing basis to help achieve its objectives.

If you want to find more details about our activities, you can explore here under our latest Annual Management Report