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Closed calls for tenders of the Publications Office

Publication dateTED referenceTitleFinal date for submission
07/02/20242024-80938 Luxembourg – Computer support and consultancy services – Provision of project management and other related services for the IT activities of the Publications Office 28/02/2024
07/02/20242024-80263 Luxembourg – Printed books – Supply of books in paper format, as well as yearbooks, updates and monographic series in paper and/or electronic format 15/03/2024
22/12/20232023-783576 Luxembourg – Computer support and consultancy services – Provision of project management and other related services for the IT activities of the Publications Office 21/02/2024
06/09/20232023-538819 Luxembourg-Luxembourg: Transport services by van and mini-van with dedicated driver 13/11/2023
03/03/20232023-133318 Luxembourg-Luxembourg: Provision of Subscriptions to General and International Press, in All Formats 05/05/2023
06/02/20232023-75942 Luxembourg-Luxembourg: Production of Documents of the L and C Series of the Official Journal of the European Union 24/03/2023
29/07/20222022-410984 Luxembourg-Luxembourg: Provision of Language-Editing Services Related to General Publications in EU Official Languages 11/10/2022
08/07/20222022-366496 Luxembourg-Luxembourg: CORDIS 21/09/2022
07/07/20222022-366402 Luxembourg-Luxembourg: Technical Consolidation of Legal Acts of the European Union and its Consistency Check 15/09/2022
07/07/20222022-366401 Luxembourg-Luxembourg: Indexing and Legal Analysis of EU Documents 14/09/2022
01/06/20222022-292418 Luxembourg-Luxembourg: Framework Service Contract for the Provision of Subscriptions to Specialist Periodicals, in All Formats, and Other Electronic Resources 22/07/2022
18/05/20222022-264011 Luxembourg-Luxembourg: Provision of DOI Back Office and DOI-related Services 22/06/2022
28/09/20212021-487913 Luxembourg-Luxembourg: Helpdesk for Users of Electronic Services and Other Products of the Publications Office 17/11/2021
22/06/20212021-311616 Luxembourg-Luxembourg: Semantic Web Consultancy and Support 25/08/2021
12/05/20212021-237159 Luxembourg-Luxembourg: Production and Dissemination of the Supplement to the Official Journal of the European Union using TED and Related Services 14/07/2021
27/04/20212021-207378 Luxembourg-Luxembourg: Production of Audiovisuals, Mobile Applications, Electronic Publications based on HTML and Applications Based on Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) Technologies 22/06/2021
24/02/20212021-93896 Luxembourg-Luxembourg: Integrated Logistics Services 14/04/2021
23/02/20212021-91326 Luxembourg-Luxembourg: Premedia, Multichannel and Printing Services 20/04/2021
20/10/20202020-495028 Luxembourg-Luxembourg: Provision of IT Support Services 15/12/2020
08/09/20202020-419367 Luxembourg-Luxembourg: EUDOR — Long-term Digital Preservation Services 30/10/2020
20/08/20202020-391294 Luxembourg-Luxembourg: Provision of Software Development Services Related to Publications Office IT Systems 13/10/2020
03/08/20202020-362158 Luxembourg-Luxembourg: Provision of Interactive Visualisation Services 30/09/2020
13/07/20202020-325274 Luxembourg-Luxembourg: Integrated Logistics Services 09/09/2020
10/07/20202020-322375 Luxembourg-Luxembourg: Official Journal Production Support 09/09/2020
07/07/20202020-314987 Luxembourg-Luxembourg: European Data Portal Managed Services — 01/09/2020
Call for tenders of the Publications Office


Call for tenders of the Publications Office from 01.01.2016 

For consultation of past calls for tenders of Publication Office as  from 1st January 2016, please use search option in E-Tendering

Call for tenders of the Publications Office until 31.12.2015

Call for tenders of the Publications Office until 31.12.2015 


Date of publication



30-12-2015 AO 10647 Provision of IT services related to the Cellar
29-12-2015 AO 10573 Development, maintenance, evolution and assistance services for websites based on SharePoint technology and editorial services for Web dissemination
02-12-2015 AO 10528 Correction of electronic publications and related services
09-09-2015 AO 10638 Provision of IT services related to EUR-Lex-2012
26-08-2015 AO 10636 Provision of IT services regarding the management of IT projects
04-08-2015 AO 10632 Semantic Web consultancy
28-07-2015 AO 10633 Provision of lorry, van or minivan with driver
19-05-2015 AO 10635 'Data centre Facilities'
12-05-2015 AO 10629 Development of administrative and financial applications and related IT services
21-04-2015 AO 10634 Provision of IT services related to Oracle FinancialsTM
25-03-2015 AO 10361 EUDOR V3- Long-term digital preservation

AO 10631

Correction of documents in Bulgarian, Estonian, Maltese and Portuguese
2015-02-17 AO 10579 Digitisation and related services
2015-01-21 AO 10624 Provision of IT services related to administrative and financial applications
2014-11-12 AO 10603 Purchase, installation and maintenance of Oracle T5 servers, or their subsequent replacements, and associated products and services
2014-11-12 AO 10593 IT infrastructure services
2014-09-10 AO 10545 Correction of documents and copy-editing
2014-09-05 AO 10549 Indexing and legal analysis of European Union documents
2014-08-12 AO 10591 Provision of IT services for the Publications Office Infocentre
2014-08-06 AO 10606 Provision of DOI back office and DOI-related services.
2014-08-06 AO 10605 Technical consolidation of legal acts of the European Union and its consistency check
2014-06-10 AO 10607 Provision of maintenance, evolution and consultancy services for the open data portal
2014-06-06 AO 10518 Computing services - project management assistance, quality control, consultancy services related to CIBA