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Copyright notice

© European Union, 2019-2023.

  1. The copyright for the editorial content of this website, which is owned by the EU, is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International licence . This means that you can re-use the content provided you acknowledge the source and indicate any changes you have made. 

    You may be required to clear additional rights if certain content depicts identifiable private individuals or includes third-party works.

  2. Reuse of legal, administrative and case-law documents, as well as data published on this website for commercial or non-commercial purposes is authorised provided the source is acknowledged. The reuse policy of the European Commission is implemented by a Decision of Decision of 12 December 2011.

  3. The European Commission general publications may also be reused provided the source is acknowledged, according to the above-mentioned Decision.

  4. The publications of other EU institutions, bodies, offices and agencies, may be downloaded and reproduced provided the source is acknowledged.

  5. The publications of the European Central Bank are subject to the rules included in the following link

These general principles can be subject to conditions which may be specified in individual copyright notices. Therefore, users are advised to refer to the copyright information on the individual documents.

The use of elements (e.g. text, photos, pictures, graphs, etc.) subject to intellectual property rights of third parties is subject to prior authorisation from the copyright owner. This applies to photos displayed in the official directory of the European Union (EU WhoisWho) and in the section "Events" (

All logos and trademarks are excluded from the above-mentioned general permissions.

For all other copyright issues, please contact: