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Dissemination formats

Our reference data catalogue contains more than 150 datasets spanning from simple code lists to taxonomies, schemas and ontologies.

Each specific type has its own specificities and usage needs. Depending on the case only one format might be available or many.

When a particular dataset is available for download in different formats the obvious question is:

What format shall I chose?

Currently, depending on the type of datasets, the following distribution formats are available for download:

Distribution / Format

Method of identification

Where and why

Document Type Definition

file extension: .dtd

File format used for certain types of data models (e.g., Formex).


file extension: .gc

Simple, XML based, recognised standard format (OASIS), specifically intended for dissemination of code lists. GeneriCode dates back from pre computer based era and it is used in industrial application and for data exchange.


file extension: .geojson

Open geospatial data interchange format. As the name implies it is based on the JaveScript Object Notation format. It is used to encode simple geographic features.


file extension: .xml


the name of the file or the ZIP archive contains the string: MarcXML

It is an XML based format used in libraries and by catalogue systems to facilitate the transfer of catalogue records and bibliographic data.

MS Excel

file extension: .xls


the name of the ZIP archive contains the string: Excel

De facto office type format, used mainly for storage and exchange of tabular data. Easily applicable to basic code lists.

Web Ontology Language

file extension: .owl

W3C standard, designed to represent in a consistent way semantic models like Ontologies


file extension: .rdf


the name of the file contains the string: skos

RDF based, W3C standard, designed to represent the basic structure and content of thesauri, classification schemes, taxonomies, code lists or other types of controlled vocabulary.


file extension: .rdf


the name of the file contains the string: skos-ap

RDF based, SKOS Application Profile, used for the extended representation of EU Vocabularies datasets.

The main different from the SKOS Core distribution is the fact that it includes the complete set of properties that define EU Vocabularies datasets.

XML Schema

file extension: .xsd

XML based file format used for the definition and validation of XML data models


Each of those formats have their advantages that manifest in relation with the mechanism of import, content needed and method of use. We advise you to check the list and analyse the formats in direct connection with your own needs.

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