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Progress towards EU-level targets

The Education and Training Monitor’s comparative report tracks progress towards achieving the EU-level targets and complements them with numerous supporting indicators to shed light on context and possible policy levers. In addition, the 2023 edition starts with a special focus on the teaching profession, zooming in on teacher shortages across the Member States, as well as their various efforts to raise the attractiveness of the profession.

Country reports

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The Education and Training Monitor's country reports capture recent and ongoing policy development at all education levels in the 27 EU Member States. They provide the reader with more in-depth insights into the performance of countries in the context of the EU-level targets. The country reports are based on the most up-to-date quantitative and qualitative evidence available.

Monitor toolbox

Key indicators and sources

The Monitor Toolbox provides an overview of the key indicators and sources used in the Education and Training Monitor. It puts a spotlight on the context that the EU-level target and indicator domains are embedded in, and links directly to the most prominent studies and reports. The Monitor Toolbox features a thematic as well as country-specific overview. In addition, it hosts the indicators dashboard on the attractiveness of the teaching profession.


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