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Evaluation of Geographical Indications and Traditional Specialities Guaranteed protected in the EU

Overall State of Play

• Evaluation ongoing: to be finalised 4th quarter 2020


This evaluation will assess the effectiveness, efficiency, coherence, relevance and EU added value of the current legal framework for the protection of Geographical Indications (GIs) and Traditional Specialities Guaranteed (TSGs) in the EU. The basic acts covering GIs for food and agricultural products and wine (Regulations 1151/2012 and 1308/2013), and TSGs for food and agricultural products (Regulation 1151/2012), entered into force in 2013. Regulation 110/2008 covering GI of spirit drinks has been in force for ten years and Regulation 251/2014 covering GI of aromatised wines for almost five years.

In total, the EU registered over 3200 GIs and 60 TSGs for agricultural products, foodstuffs, spirit drinks, wines and aromatised wines. All registered names are included in the EU databases and registers. The registration also covers around 30 GIs from third countries protected and sold on the EU market. The GIs protected via bilateral agreements are out of scope of this evaluation.

The safeguard of geographical indications as intellectual property rights has a particular significance as a policy objective, for which the Commission is responsible, enshrined in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU. The evaluation will also help determine the extent to which the Commission meets this obligation.

The evaluation will help to assess the coherence between the various pieces of the legal framework for EU quality schemes and will provide the opportunity to consider the need for improvement (modernisation, simplification and streamlining).