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Apenas são apresentados nesta página os concursos do Serviço das Publicações, por ordem cronológica dos respetivos prazos. Ao clicar no título, é-se encaminhado para a página correspondente da base de dados TED (versão em linha do Suplemento do Jornal Oficial da União Europeia) e para outros documentos relevantes, como especificações ou clarificações. Todas as informações relativas aos concursos do Serviço das Publicações (anúncios de pré-informação, anúncios de adjudicação, listas anuais dos contratantes) podem ser consultadas na base de dados TED.

Anúncios de pré-informação 

AO 10814 – Maintenance and support for VocBench 

The Publications Office is planning to launch a negotiated procedure "AO 10814 Maintenance and support for the Publications Office VocBench instance".

The companies or individuals interested in participating in the abovementioned call for tenders are requested to inform the Publications Office by sending an e-mail to no later than 16.00 (CEST) on 14/02/2020.

The e-mail must be accompanied by a short description of the economic activities of the company (or individual) with regard to the subject of the procedure (maximum of three (3) A4-pages), which will be used to assess the company's (individual’s) eligibility to participate.
The subject (title) of the e-mail must be "AO 10814 – Maintenance and support for the Publications Office VocBench instance" and the e-mail must indicate the name and postal address of the interested party, the e-mail address to which the tender specifications should be sent, and where possible the name of a contact person.

The documentation related to this call for tenders is only available in English. Please note that this announcement does not commit the Publications Office to launching the announced negotiated procedure or to inviting all eligible candidates to present an offer.


Concursos públicos

Convites à Manifestaçãos de Interesses

The Publications Office of the European Union has launched with its partners (the ELI Task Force, the Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs of the European Commission and the European Food Safety Authority) the EU Datathon 2018. Its purpose is to highlight the potential of linking EU and national data. The EU Datathon 2018 is a competition where teams of participants have to develop web or mobile applications, which meet the objectives of the competition. To this end, they shall use at least one dataset produced by the EU Institutions or Agencies available on the EU Open Data Portal, combined or not with others from local, national or supranational government bodies.
For more details and registration, please see

Processos por negociação

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Listas anuais de contratos

The list of contracts concluded in the previous year, under certain value thresholds foreseen in the public procurement directives, for which specific contract award notices have not been published, as well as information concerning specific contracts made by the Publications Office in the previous year against framework contracts can be found in the Financial Transparency System (FTS) under the following link:

Amendments of the existing contracts




Amendments of the existing contracts

Amendments of the existing contracts

Amendments of the existing contracts




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