Official Journal of the European Union

C 118/47

2006 Call for proposals in the field of Community cooperation against accidental or deliberate marine pollution

(2006/C 118/09)


The European Commission, Directorate-General for Environment, Civil Protection Unit is launching a Call for Proposals with the aim of identifying actions which might be eligible for financial support under the Community framework for cooperation in the field of accidental or deliberate marine pollution established by Decision of the European Parliament and of the Council of 20 December 2000 (2850/2000/EC). This financial support would take the form of grants.


The fields concerned, and the nature and content of the actions as well as the conditions for granting assistance and application forms are set out in the documentation relating to the call for proposals. Detailed instructions on where and when to submit a proposal are also contained in the documentation. This documentation may be consulted on the Europa website at:



Proposals must be sent to the Commission to the address indicated in the documentation relating to the call for proposals by 30.6.2006. Proposals must be submitted by post or private courier no later than 30.6.2006 (evidence shall be constituted by the date of dispatch, the postmark or the date of the deposit slip). They may also be delivered by hand to the specific address indicated in the documentation relating to the call for proposals, no later than 30.6.2006 at 17.00 (evidence shall be the acknowledgement of receipt dated and signed by the responsible official).

Proposals sent by the fixed deadline but received by the Commission after 15.7.2006 (final receipt date) will not be considered eligible. It is the duty of the applicant organisation to ensure that the necessary precautions are taken to respect this deadline.

Proposals submitted by fax, electronic mail, incomplete applications, or applications sent in several parts will not be accepted.

I.4   Procedure for the examination of proposals:

The procedure for the appraisal of proposals is as follows:

receipt, recording and acknowledgement of receipt by the Commission;

examination by the services of the Commission;

formulation of the final award decision and communication of the result to the applicants.

Beneficiaries will be selected on the basis of the criteria set out in the documentation mentioned in point I.2 and within the limits of the available budget.

The entire procedure is strictly confidential. In the event of approval by the Commission, a grant agreement (made out in EUR) will be concluded between the Commission and the party submitting the proposal.