Official Journal of the European Union

CE 84/95

(2004/C 84 E/0124)


by Cristiana Muscardini (UEN) to the Commission

(10 December 2003)

Subject:   Evaluation of the risk inherent in zinc

The manufacturing sectors involved have been waiting for years for the report on evaluating the risks of zinc in accordance with Regulation (EEC) No 793/93 (1) and Regulation (EC) No 1488/94 (2), which lay down the principles. In its answer to the previous question on the same subject (of 29 October 2001) the Commission said that the technical meeting of the Commission had set a deadline of 18 months from September 2001 for acquiring further information and/or evidence to be incorporated in the final report on evaluating the risks. The 18 months have now passed and this further delay is causing economic damage to the industry concerned.

Can the Commission say:

what obstacles are continuing to delay the completion of the dossier;

by what date the file may finally be closed?

Answer given by Mr Busquin on behalf of the Commission

(26 January 2004)

The zinc industry has finalised its additional research in the context of the risk assessment for zinc according to the timescale that was agreed at the Technical Meeting of the European Chemical Bureau (ECB) on existing substances (Regulation (EEC) No 793/93 of 23 March 1993) in September 2001. The results of this research were presented in March 2003.

The ‘rapporteur’ for the zinc dossier, the Netherlands, as well as the Member States experts expressed their appreciation for this work but needed more time to study the full contents of all study reports. Subsequently, several discussions have taken place at the Technical Meetings related to the way the study results on the bio-availability of zinc should be incorporated and used in the final risk assessment report. This discussion was finalised at the last Technical Meeting in December 2003. The ‘rapporteur’ will now produce a full risk assessment report in early 2004 which is planned to be discussed at the next Technical Meeting in March 2004. The Commission expects that the Member States experts will be able to finalise the discussions on the zinc dossier at that meeting.

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