Case T-14/20: Order of the General Court of 16 October 2020 — Tratkowski v Commission (Action for annulment — Civil service — Officials — Internal Competition COM/2/AD 12/18 (AD 12) — Submission of the application using the form provided for that purpose and referred to in Article 2 of Annex III to the Staff Regulations — Request to be admitted to the competition, lodged at the same time and on a separate sheet of paper, to the Appointing Authority — Eligibility conditions — Decision of the selection board to reject the applicant’s application — Rejection by the selection board of the candidate’s request for re-examination due to it being out of time — Decision of the Appointing Authority refusing to grant the applicant’s request to set aside one of the conditions provided for in the notice of competition in order to admit him to the competition — Challenge to the decision of the Appointing Authority and not to that of the selection board — Legal interest in bringing proceedings — Inadmissibility)