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logo EMN Glossary app

EMN Glossary

The EMN Glossary is a multilingual and multidisciplinary glossary for terms that are important in the field of asylum and migration. Emphasis is given to terms relating to international protection and refugees, and legal migration as well as irregular migration and return. In addition, terms that are relevant to asylum and migration which pertain to fundamental rights, integration, equality and cross-border movement are also included.

logo Aquasurvey app


The AQUASURVEY app is a new piece of software designed to help you collect your own data and organise your field campaigns. It brings you through all the necessary steps to collect your own data: from the design of the survey to the concrete collection of data using several mobile devices, and integrates the data collected to allow for their use in GIS or statistical software applications.

logo Passenger rights app

Passenger rights

Ever been stranded at a European airport or had your luggage lost when travelling in the European Union? Check out this mobile app to know what your rights are immediately, on the spot.

logo VDS Reader app

VDS Reader

The app implements the specifications contained in the ICAO TECHNICAL REPORT: Visible Digital Seals for Non Electronic Documents, v.17, March 2018. A Visible Digital Seal is a digitally signed 2d barcode. This means that the app scans a 2d barcode, extracts the data from the barcode and verifies the digital signatures. It downloads certificates (via HTTP or HTTPS) from a defined certificate repository and uses these certificates to validate the signature. The ICAO TR recommends “ECDSA with a key length of at least 256 bit in combination with SHA-256” for the digital signature

logo EU Charter app

EU Charter

The EU Charter app is a fundamental rights one-stop-shop for mobile devices. It offers easy access to the text of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU in all official languages in a mobile-friendly format. It also provides regularly updated information on an article-by-article basis on related EU, and international law, European Court of Justice (ECJ) and a selection of European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) and national case law that refers directly to one of the Charter articles. It also contains a list of related FRA publications.

logo EP Events app

EP Events

EP Events is the companion app for attendees of European Parliament events. On the app, you can find all the important information: your registration, the agenda, speaker bios, your QR code for accreditation, you can find and network with other delegates and much more. After downloading the information for the event, you can continue to use EP Events offline and access the event information.

logo EUcraft app


EUcraft lets you take decisions in the Council of the EU! Step into the shoes of national ministers and experience EU decision-making by negotiating on real topics that matter for you. Agreeing on a common charger for your devices, banning single-use plastics or supporting the transition to electric cars and greener buildings – it’s all in your hands. Play EUcraft – a digital simulation game.

logo Going Abroad app

Going Abroad

Use the European Road Safety App to find all important road safety rules before going abroad or while on the road in Europe. Entertain your passenger(s) with two fun games about road safety.

logo EPexplorer app


Discover the European Parliament's Brussels campus through an interactive, augmented reality experience.

logo EPALE Adult Learning in Europe app

EPALE Adult Learning in Europe

EPALE is a European, open membership community of adult learning professionals