Case C-5/19: Judgment of the Court (Tenth Chamber) of 30 April 2020 (request for a preliminary ruling from the Varhoven administrativen sad — Bulgaria) — ‘Оvergas Mrezhi’ AD, Sdruzhenie s nestopanska tsel, ‘Balgarska gazova asotsiatsia’ v Komisia za energiyno i vodno regulirane (KEVR) (Reference for a preliminary ruling — Common rules for the internal market in natural gas — Directive 2009/73/EC — Article 3(1) to (3) and Article 41(16) — Public service obligations — Natural gas storage obligations for the purposes of ensuring the security and regularity of supply — National legislation providing that the financial burden of the public service obligations imposed on the natural gas undertakings is to be passed on to their customers — Conditions — Adoption of a legal act by a national regulatory authority imposing a public service obligation — Procedure — Articles 36 and 38 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union)