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logo ViROS app


Nora, Barend, Ana and João are considering moving to another European country. But which country has an environment that is up to Nora's high standards? Where can Barend find a well-paying job? And could Ana and João find someplace that suit them both?

Take a walk around across the European Union to and use European statistics to help them make their important life choices!

logo Velomai app


Velomai is a month-long campaign to promote cycling as a mode of transport. During the whole month of May, colleagues across the EU Institutions and EU schools will challenge each other for the highest number of kilometres and/or rides.

logo EU Council app

EU Council

Designed for delegates, event invitees and the general public, the EU Council app will give users access to information on events and meetings taking place in the Council buildings in Brussels and Luxembourg. The app will include details about meetings (time, venue and agenda) and practical information for attendees (accreditation, transport and opening hours). Maps will help users in finding their way to the building, the meeting rooms and other facilities (coffee facilities, toilets, delegation offices, etc.).

logo EU Committee of the Regions app

EU Committee of the Regions

Connect to Europe's one million local politicians and get the latest from the EU body representing cities and regions across the continent.

The mobile app of the European Committee of the Regions (CoR) brings you real-time notifications about news, events and opinions on your preferred topics. Save your favourite items and share contents as you go from meeting to meeting via social media and other channels.

logo CEPOL LEED app


This App offers mobile access to the CEPOL LEED eLearning platform. It provides training content to registered Law Enforcement officials across the EU Member States and other countries and partner organisations.

logo ECDC Threat Reports app

ECDC Threat Reports

The ECDC Threat Reports app gives you direct access to key updates and reports on communicable disease threats of concern to the EU. Search by specific disease or virus – from avian influenza to Zika, or by specific report type – including the weekly Communicable Disease Threat Report (CDTR), rapid risk assessments and epidemiologic updates.

logo The Brief app

The Brief

The Brief is brought to you by the Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises of the European Commission.

Existing since early 2013, The Brief is an e-magazine with contents and articles written by the editorial team and the staff of the agency on varying topics ranging from the current state of affairs of the agency to personal insight and experience of life and work in and around the agency and the European Institutions.

logo Walking Challenge app

Walking Challenge

Walking Challenge is a campaign to promote walking and running as a mode of transport.
During the whole period of the campaign, colleagues across the EU Institutions and EU schools will challenge each other for the highest number of steps and kilometers they can cover.
Walking Challenge integrates with the Health app in order to access and display data collected by Apple Watch or other pedometer capable wearables. It requires read access to your step count.

logo The EU Relocation Programme app

The EU Relocation Programme

The App provides information on relocation to asylum seekers who are in clear need of international protection from Greece and Italy to another European state. The aim of this app is to help those who are already situated in Greece and in Italy with information on the relocation procedure and their rights and obligations when applying for relocation.

logo Smart Radio Monitor app

Smart Radio Monitor

Smart Radio Monitor (SRM) is a European Commission crowd-sourcing project designed to gather and share radio spectrum data about mobile telephony coverage, WIFI channel occupancy, broadband and net neutrality connection tests.