Case C-676/17: Judgment of the Court (Fourth Chamber) of 11 September 2019 (request for a preliminary ruling from the Curtea de Apel Ploiești — Romania) — Oana Mădălina Călin v Direcția Regională a Finanțelor Publice Ploiești — Administrația Județeană a Finanțelor Publice Dâmbovița, Statul Român — Ministerul Finanțelor Publice, Administrația Fondului pentru Mediu (Reference for a preliminary ruling – Principles of EU law – Procedural autonomy – Principles of equivalence and effectiveness – Principle of legal certainty – Res judicata – Recovery of taxes levied by a Member State in breach of EU law – Final decision of a court or tribunal imposing payment of a tax which is incompatible with EU law – Application for revision of such a decision – Time limit within which that application must be submitted)