Case C-167/06 P: Judgment of the Court (Fourth Chamber) of 25 October 2007 — Ermioni Komninou, Grigorios Ntokos, Donatos Pappas, Vassileios Pappas, Aristeidis Pappas, Eleftheria Pappa, Lamprini Pappa, Eirini Pappa, Alexandra Ntokou, Fotios Dimitriou, Zoï Dimitriou, Petros Bolossis, Despoina Bolossi and Konstantinos Bolossis, Thomas Bolossis v Commission of the European Communities (Appeal — Non-contractual liability of the Community — Complaint under Article 226 EC — Treatment of complainants by the Commission — Principles of sound administration, legitimate expectations and legal certainty — Scope — Article 21 EC — Right of complaint — Scope of the Ombudsman's findings)