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How to receive printed copies of the OJ

How to receive printed copies of the OJ

All paper and DVD subscriptions to the Official Journal (OJ) L&C series were stopped at the end of 2013 as only the electronic edition is now authentic and legally binding (from 1 July 2013, see Regulation (EU) No 216/2013 as amended by Council Regulation (EU) 2018/2056 ). Everyone is encouraged to use and exploit the electronic version; if some printed pages are required, please print them locally.

If necessary, the Publications Office can provide Print on Demand (POD) copies for requested OJ issues: Such POD services are charged to the requesting service, in accordance with the prices and conditions adopted by the OP's Management Committee. The same applies for ordering general EU publications. Orders can be placed by the publication correspondents of each service via ILMS, at the expense of that service.

Such POD services can be ordered either via:

  • the "Integrated Logistics Management System" ( Each service disposes of a number of staff with the appropriate access to place such POD orders. All the costs of such orders (which include shipment) will be invoiced to the service concerned

or via

Should you need to know the staff of your service disposing of such codes, please contact:


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