Relive the final event of 2 October 2018




Opening by moderator Jennifer Baker 7:33
Welcome speech by António Carneiro (Director at the Publications Office of the European Union) 11:37
Welcome speech by Natalie Aristimuno Perez (Head of unit, Interoperability, DG DIGIT, European Commission) 17:33
Challenge 1: 'EU open data — For more innovation in Europe'  
Digiotouch (Slides) 29:15
EURI Trends (Slides) 41:27
Medicatio (Slides) (1st place) 54:50
MEPWatch (Slides) 1:10:37
Challenge 2: 'National and EU law — Make legislation interoperable'  
INCM (Slides) 1:57:45
LAWANNOTATIONS (Slides) 2:09:48
Lexparency (Slides(1st place) 2:23:03
LYNX (Slides) 2:33:25
Challenge 3: 'EU public procurement — Value for citizens, value for businesses'  
Charles University (Slides) 3:59:15
Perfektio (Slides) 4:10:28
PublicBI (Slides) 4:18:28
Tenderlake (Slides(1st place) 4:29:12
Challenge 4: 'European Food Safety Authority — Fostering data reuse and innovation'  
2 Think (Slides) 4:43:25
Coffice (Slides) 5:01:19
Dazult (Slides) 5:12:05
Open Food Facts (Slides) (1st place) 5:25:16
Panel: 'New business opportunities through the Public Sector Information Directive'  
Presentation by Sander van der Waal (Head of Network and Partnerships, Open Knowledge International) 6:37:54
Panel session moderated by Dinand Tinholt (Vice president, Capgemini Consulting, European Data Portal Consortium) 7:02:26
Closing speech by Rudolf Strohmeier (Director-General, Publications Office of the EU) 7:41:44
Awards ceremony 7:46:53