EuroVoc referenced in the documentation of an international standard

Linked Open Data – 2019 is turning out to be a great vintage for EU Vocabularies and EuroVoc. Here is one example, fruit of a tight collaboration between the GIL-EuroVoc committee and the Publications Office.


The Document, Discover and Interoperate Alliance (DDI) places EuroVoc on an equal footing with a US Library of Congress resource (the LSCH) in DDI’s XKOS model specification. Both resources are mentioned while explaining the notions of “exhaustive” and “mutually exclusive” concepts.


As part of an example of a statistical classification there is a second reference to EuroVoc in the documentation of this SKOS extension. In the accompanying graphic and the explanatory text below it, a EuroVoc concept is represented as linked to the ANZIC (Australian and New Zealand Industry Classification). Finally, in the reference annex of this technical documentation, EuroVoc and the EU Vocabularies website are categorised among valuable informative references.


The publication of controlled vocabularies as Linked Open Data creates resources that are meant to be shared. They become “silently” used and useful to others as part of the LOD nature. Once in a while the silence is breached, allowing the interconnection to become visible and appreciated.

Publication 20190619-0

The 20190619-0 ordinary publication is available. It contains updates to Corporate body, Country, Event, File type, Frequency, Interinstitutional procedure, Language authority tables, among other assets, and to the IMMC schemas. Find out more here.

Formex changes website

In order to harmonise all the collections available at the Publications Office of the European Union, the original Formex website was integrated to EU Vocabularies website and is now part of its Business collections.

Formex describes the format for the exchange of data between the Publications Office and its contractors. In particular, it defines the logical markup for documents which are published in the different series of the Official Journal of the European Union.


Workshop on Semantic interoperability for the multilingual web

The Publications Office of the EU is organising a workshop on Semantic interoperability for the multilingual web on 4 and 5 June 2019 in Luxembourg. You will find the agenda as well as the registration form on the following page:


Still using MDR resources?

The old MDR website will be switched off on 27 May 2019. In case your system is still pointing to resources under, please update the address to point to the corresponding resource on the EU Vocabularies website. If you have any questions, please contact us.