• EIB investment report 2019/2020
    Key findings : accelerating Europe’s transformation

  • Applying the pre-commitment approach to bottom-up stress tests
    A new old story

  • The EU sustainability taxonomy
    A financial impact assessment

  • Labour market vulnerability and labour market outcomes during the economic upswing

  • Female entrepreneurship
    Public and private funding

  • Financial resilience among EU households
    New estimates by household characteristics and a review of policy options

  • Theoretical and conceptual dimensions of social convergence
    Towards a subjective, multi-dimensional framework

  • Ten years of the Vienna Initiative 2009-2019

  • Report on sustainable finance for a circular economy
    Japan/EU Joint Workshop at the G20 resource efficiency dialogue 2019: 10 October 2019, 09:30-12:00, Tokyo (Japan)

  • Introduction to the European semester
    Coordinating and monitoring economic and fiscal policies in the EU : in-depth analysis

  • The next generation of digital currencies
    In search of stability : monetary dialogue papers, December 2019

  • The urgent need for a review of the ECB's monetary policy strategy
    Towards an institutional review : monetary dialogue papers, December 2019

  • The impact of digitalisation on the monetary system
    Monetary dialogue papers, December 2019

  • Linking cohesion policy and the European Semester
    Partnership and multi-level governance to boost investment and structural reforms

  • The two-pillar strategy of the ECB
    Ready for a review : monetary dialogue papers, December 2019

  • Thoughts on a review of the ECB’s monetary policy strategy
    Monetary dialogue papers, December 2019

  • Recommendations for the ECB’s monetary policy strategy review
    Monetary dialogue papers, December 2019

  • Virtual money
    How much do cryptocurrencies alter the fundamental functions of money? : monetary dialogue papers, December 2019

  • Task ahead
    Review of the ECB's monetary policy strategy : compilation of papers

  • Priorities for review of the ECB’s monetary policy strategy
    Monetary dialogue papers, December 2019

  • EU derivatives markets

  • The future of money
    Compilation of papers

  • Public or private?
    The future of money : monetary dialogue papers, December 2019

  • EIB investment report 2019/2020
    Accelerating Europe’s transformation

  • Monitoring the progress of EU countries towards the capital markets union
    An approach based on composite indicators and cluster analysis

  • Creating FinTech opportunities for SMEs

  • The impact of international financial institutions on small and medium enterprises
    The case of EIB lending in Central and Eastern Europe

  • Gender budgeting

    Latest edition.
  • Below-target inflation and subdued growth in the euro area and elsewhere
    Implications for monetary policy

  • The semi-circular flow of the data economy

  • Budget support
    Trends and results 2019

  • Assessing the impacts of the EU bioeconomy on third countries
    Potential environmental impacts in Brazil of EU biofuel demand to 2030

  • Cruising at different speeds
    Similarities and divergences between the German and the French economies

  • Incorporating a job search & matching module in the QUEST-model

  • Euro area & US external adjustment
    The role of commodity prices & emerging market shocks

  • Market functioning & market integration in EU network industries
    Telecommunications, energy & transport

  • The Global multi-country Model (GM)
    An estimated DSGE Model for euro area countries

  • Output gaps and cyclical indicators

  • Euro area fiscal policy changes
    Stylised features of the past two decades

  • Assessing house prices
    Insights from “Houselev”, a dataset of price level estimates

  • Private investment in Italy

  • Mitigating the gap between the rich & the poor
    An empirical assessment of key trends & drivers of redistribution

  • European financial infrastructure in the face of new challenges

  • A new chapter for Greece
    Further details on the implementation of debt measures

  • The virtuous circle

    Latest edition.
  • EU economic modelling system
    Assessment of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) investments in innovation and human capital

  • EIF annual report 2017

  • EIF annual report 2018

  • JRC statistical audit of the 2019 Global Attractiveness Index

    Latest edition.
  • Ratings matter
    Announcements in times of crisis and the dynamics of stock markets